• AT-x900-48FE Switch 10/100TX x 48 port Ethernet Layer 3

  • Mã sản phẩm : MS 412
    Giá : Liên hệ
    Nhóm sản phẩm : Core switch
    Lượt xem : 1360 lượt

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The x900-48FE is an ideal choice for networks that need high reliability and comprehensive control over service quality and bandwidth. It also offers an extensive set of management features like and advanced multicast routing options. Dual hot-swappable power supplies are supported and front-to-back airflow optimizes switch cooling.

Product code: AT-x900-48FE Supplier name Switch ALLIED TELESIS Made In Warranty The x900-48FE is one of the most advanced Fast Ethernet Layer 3 switches available. It provides fine service provisioning granularity, advanced QoS and hardware based. 10/100TX x 48 ports managed Fast Ethernet Layer 3 switch.

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