• AT-x900-24XS Switch ALLIED TELESIS 24 x SFP

  • Mã sản phẩm : MS 416
    Giá : Liên hệ
    Nhóm sản phẩm : Core switch
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AT-x900-24XS Supplier name Switch ALLIED TELESIS Made In Warranty The x900-24XS is one of the most advanced Gigabit Ethernet switches available, with two high-speed 30Gbps expansion bays providing a high level of port flexibility

  • VLANs IEEE 802.1Q
  • EPSR Ethernet Protected Switching Ring
  • Rapid Spanning Tree IEEE 802.1w
  • Multiple Spanning Tree IEEE 802.1s
  • Link Aggregation IEEE 802.3ad
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet Support
  • Two 30Gbps expansion bays
  • Dual Internal Modular AC or DC Power Supplies
  • Full Layer 3 Line Rate Routing
  • IPv6 Hardware
  • Port Based Network Access Control IEEE 802.1x
  • Bandwidth Limiting
  • Private VLANs
  • VLAN Double Tagging (Q-in-Q)
  • Port Mirroring
  • SSHv2
  • Trigger Facility
  • Advanced QoS
  • Advanced Multicasting
  • DSCP (DiffServ)
  • VRRP
  • Stack multiple units
  • 24 SFP slots
  • 10KB Jumbo Frame Support
  • OSPF
  • BGP-4


Expansion modules offer 10GbE, gigabit fiber, gigabit copper, and stacking expansion options. These can be used in a variety of configurations to provide tailored solutions that meet wide-ranging physical networking requirements.

The most flexible non-chassis switch available today, the x900-24XS provides fine service provisioning granularity, high availability, advanced QoS, and shares the same modular power supplies used by other x900 series switches.

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